Friday, August 8, 2014

Homeware Haul

From the magical lands of Ikea and North Carolina

I recently took a trip to Ikea in Bollingbrook, Illinois for a bit of college decoration, in addition to my purchases from North Carolina. My dorm room last year looked great, but I wanted a few things to spice it up this year for my roommate and I. We're both stylish people, so we deserve some sleek finishes and nice things, right? 


Let me first say that Ikea is one of my favorite stores ever. When I needed to equip my dorm room with all new things last year, I headed straight for the Swedish superstore and bought towels, furniture, flatware, and just about everything else. My room was 85% European design and 15% drab college-supplied furniture. But there were still some things I needed after noticing some faults last year, so back I went to the best place to get anything.

I first grabbed this beautiful placemat to put under my laptop. As I said before, the desks supplied by the college are quite bland, if not a bit ugly, so having a placemat there helps keep the surface clean and make it look a little nicer and brighter. I own one from Ikea in a green leaf print with one rose, so now I can be whichever type of floral I'm feeling that day. 

I was also on the hunt for a bunch of fake flowers, since I wanted some flora last year but had trouble keeping anything alive for a given amount of time. Let's face it--natural light is minimal in a dorm, and the only person who can grow things is my future roommate. I'll leave the living plants to her and put this adorable little flower pot on my desk or window sill instead. It took me forever to find the right sized pot in the right pattern, but I eventually did, and I love it!

Whilst swinging through the florals section, I also picked up another white lace tin for my makeup brushes. Like I said in my post, I recently bought the Zoeva Rose Golden brush set for my birthday, and I want a way to display them at home and in my dorm. I might keep one at home or I might keep both at school for further organization, but I love these pots either way. They add interest and style for a reasonable price.

On a bit of a whim, I picked up this wonderful laptop case in the Family section. I really want a Vera Bradley one, but for now, this great neutral one will do. It holds my charger as well as my computer, so I can take it places at school. I'm quite happy with the material, as well, since if I ever spill a drink in the Brew after a late night study session, I can just wipe it right clean. Handy and stylish. I love it. 

Finally, I needed a pillow for the very uncomfortable yet sadly unavoidable dorm desk chairs. They are gross, they are drab, and they are worn out, so something has to help them out a bit. I spent a lot more time at my desk than I originally thought I would, so this year, I've come prepared with a nice velour purple pillow to sit on. I'm going to keep it on my bed at home until I leave for school, though, since it goes so nicely with my sheets and my little bunny friend, Arthur. (He says hi.)

Meteorites, because I want to own something from space
Stilbite mineral from India
Now complete matching geode set (left is new, right is two years old)

Next up are my odds and ends from North Carolina / Hendersonville. I picked out lots of rocks and lots of books, which I love, as well as a little sign from Narnia Studios. The rocks are alway well priced, though owning three tiny chunks of space will cost you $12 (eek, so worth it).

The books are from Village Green Antique Mall, where here I mentioned as one of my all time favorite stops. The Book Loft is to die for. I might do an antique / special edition book documentation later, if I get the time, since I pride myself on all of the books that I've collected over the years. And I'm not usually a huge fan of tchotchke signs and such, but this one really just caught my optimist attention.

I also found this amazing postcard in the middle of Little Dorrit. After some research on the stamp and confirming the date on the postage, I think this card comes from 1907, the first year of the split back postcard. That's pretty exciting for a history geek like me--a book and a postcard. Awesome.

I think my dorm room is gonna look pretty darn fantastic by the time I'm moved in!

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