Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Makeup Review

Zoeva Rose Golden brush set
Ever since I saw the lovely Zoella with these beautiful brushes, I knew I had to have them. I lusted for about six months. That's a long time pining at a computer screen, people. But I decided that since my birthday is coming up and the brushes really are a good deal ($68 for eight brushes equals major savings on luxury brushes), I would order them for a present to myself.

They have been the most amazing things I've ever used. I used to use the Real Techniques brushes, which were great, but the colors didn't all match and the fibers sometimes didn't blend. And the power brush was way too big for my face! It kept getting powder in places I didn't need. Anyway, the Real Techniques ones aren't bad by any stretch, but they weren't working for me.

And then the package of rose gold arrived from Germany, and I praised the high gods of makeup heaven for sending them to me. The brushes themselves are a great size, shape, and weight for doing makeup just about anywhere--they're short enough to fit in a smaller bag, they come with travel protectors (for the really hardcore conservers), and they feel substantial in hand without feeling heavy.

Plus, these brushes blend to no end. Zoe mentions the dual fiber construction in her blog post about them, and she's definitely not lying. The brushes are soft without feeling useless, and they help to spread the makeup only where I want it to go. I use the powder brush (106) for powder, the blush brush  (127) for blush and highlighter, the silk finish (102) for bronzer, the concealer brush (142) for concealer and eye concealer, and the eyeshadow brushes (227, 231, 317) with my Naked pallet for creating almost any eye I could ever want. They're functional as ever, with just enough brushes to get the job done without being overkill.

They also just look gorgeous sitting in a jar or laying on a table. Even my dorm room will look better with these popping out of their jar. These brushes are the best purchase I've made in a very long time, and I'm glad to know that others are enjoying their functionality and beauty as much as I am!

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