About Bri

My name is Bri. I'm from a small town in Wisconsin and went to undergraduate school on the Illinois side of the Quad Cities, earning a bachelor's degree in anthropology and English literature. Now, I attend graduate school in Madison, where I am pursuing my PhD in anthropology.

I love riding horses, reading, writing, and playing the French horn. I've been riding American Saddlebred horses since I was around seven years old, and am a fourth generation member of the Saddlebred community. I was in the band and orchestra at school and I was in a youth orchestra for all of my high school years. I'm also a member of Sigma Alpha Iota, class of 2014. Going to gigs is one of my favorite passtimes. Though Milwaukee is a great spot for anything from alternative rock to classical, I have been known to travel multiple hours to find the perfect show.

Studying and practicing ethical tourism is one of my life passions. As someone who loves to travel, this is not always easy—especially in the social media space. So far, I've been to the British Virgin Islands, Prague, Vienna, Japan, England, Norway, Spain, and Canada. Next on my list are Italy, Greece, and Scotland.

I spent three months traveling Ireland, doing anthropological field work and taking classes.

I am also an advocate for traveling local—I've visited about half of the states and plan on going to all fifty in my lifetime. My favorites include North Carolina, Kentucky, Florida, Massachusetts, Kansas, Minnesota, and of course, Illinois and Wisconsin. Though I used to buy into the stigma against enjoying the things that small towns have to offer, I now thrive on the quirkiness and beauty of these historic locations.

Photography credits: Emma Stough, Alina Lundholm, & Diana Cleveland. 

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