Monday, August 4, 2014

Monthly Favorites

Here are all the things I enjoyed throughout the month of July!

Makeup / Beauty
♥     Mario Badescu Drying Lotion: It’s not an all over prevention product, but it has been helping to take down the level of irritation on my various spots. I use a lot of it to get the job done, since it’s not a cream that I can lather over my entire face, but it does it’s job like a charm. Sadly, the dermatologist wants me to stop using it in favor of my Differin prescription, but I will always have it just in case a pesky, unsightly spot shows up when I least need it. Really, I’m glad I found this product, and it needs to go out with a bang.   

     Clinique Moisture Surge: Another suggestion from Zoella, this stuff is absolutely amazing. It feels like a gel, but sinks in immediately without oily residue. And I can almost feel my skin getting the moisture it needs as soon as it goes on. No oily patches or dry patches in the morning. For me, that’s a miracle.

     Elf cream eyeliner: It takes a long time to apply this correctly, so I don’t do it that often. But when I take the time, this stuff looks amazing. A primer is needed, simply because my eyes are horrible and the formula is quite creamy, but once it sets, it stays. I just really enjoy the look I get when using this paired with my Zoeva angled brush.    

     Wet n’ Wild Balm Stain in Rico Mauve: I thought this would be a little nuder than it was, but I still love it. The color looks neutral in the tube, but goes on with the sheerest hint of bright pink that makes the lips look natural with a little oomf. Plus, the formula is absolutely amazing—it goes on like the softest butter and then stains the lips when the shine wears off.  

     True Blue apricot face scrub: I tried to do the posh Lush scrub. I really did. But the salt in it just irritated my face, made it all red and sensitive, and the overall result didn’t even suit me. I need something with more scrub in tinier form, which is where my magical True Blue came back to save me. I’m just still really sad that this wonder product has been discontinued. 

     Neutrogena Pure & Free liquid SPF: Truly, I’m not sure if this is what broke me out or not, but I loved the effect this had on my skin otherwise. I’ve stopped using it and my skin has only gotten minimally better, so I’ll see if I can reintroduce this, because it’s a time saver and a protector. Basically, I can just swipe this across my face and I get an incredibly high SPF as well as a minimal moisturizer, which is all my oily skin really needs. I’m going to give this another go soon just to make sure I can still use it, because I feel it’s worth it to try again.

Media / Other
     Big Bang Theory: I’m still obsessed. It’s still a major problem. I still bring it up in almost every conversation. It’s just that good, and I don’t know how I went so long without watching it.

     Pawn Stars & Pawnography: History geek alert. I will always be a lover of Pawn Stars, since it’s interesting subject matter and a lot of history all poured into a hilarious show. But with Pawnography, I can learn even more obscure historical facts (and current event facts, too) that will improve my brain and help me to become the Beard of Knowledge.   

     The Astonishing Life of Octavian Nothing: I fell in love with this entire story. The characters, the subject matter, the fact that it’s historical fiction… it’s just perfect. I highly recommend any of Anderson’s works, because this one is a stunner.

     Ikea: All hail flatpack furniture and affordable accessories.   

           1)   Heart and Soul by Twin Atlantic
           2)   Take Me To Church by Hozier
           3)   I Am An Animal by Twin Atlantic
           4)   Last Forever by Fenech-Soler
           5)   Homesick by Catfish and the Bottlemen
           6)   Silhouettes by Colony House
           7)   Rollercoaster by Bleachers
           8)   Bliss by The Maine
           9)   Elevate by St. Lucia
         10)   Mind Over Matter by Young the Giant
         11)   Out of Mind by Magic Man
         12)   Home by Dotan
         13)   Get Hurt by The Gaslight Anthem
         14)   Bad Habit by The Kooks
 15)   Back to the Shack by Weezer

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