Sunday, August 10, 2014

Clothing Haul

& a Vintage Bonus

My mom and I headed to good ol' JC Penney to look for a green cami. We exited with a huge bag full of clothes, a JCP card, and double Wednesday points. I did find some wicked deals, though, so I'm not so upset about the amount of clothes we came out with.

Before I even took ten steps in the door, I saw this beautiful blush pink sweater that had to go into my cart. It was part of the Ridiculously Hot sale, but it was the only thing I bought that wasn't on the clearance rack. Things like this are proof that I shouldn't be allowed near blush pink items with lace. 

These two pieces from i Jeans by Buffalo are probably my favorite finds. They were both on clearance and are both very sheer and very oversized, but I think they can work for me. I love the blue one as a kimono type piece, and I love the white one tucked in with a bralet underneath. I can't wait to wear these at school!

I also picked up a bunch of black bottoms, which I wear almost every day. I got a maxi skirt by MNG that was on clearance, as well as a pair of skinny jeans and skinny capris in the same style. Black pants will always have a place in my closet!

The last piece from JC Penney comes from the Men's section. All of the graphic tees were on sale, so I picked up three and ultimately decided on this one. The Star Wars pop art one and the Nirvana tee were also up my alley, but this one has a lot more wearability in it. Simple and stylish for either gender. 

As I was helping my mom clean out her closet, we came across this shirt. It's from Pier One Imports (who knew they sold clothing?!) and came complete with shoulder pads (which I immediately removed, of course). I love the collar, the detailing down the front, and the monochrome. My mom willingly handed it to me, so I think it will find a great new home in my closet.  

Here is the composite list of all the brands and prices:
     ♥   a.n.a. lace neck sweatshirt, $20 [x]
     ♥   i Jeans by Buffalo white button down with flower embroidery, $20
     ♥   i Jeans by Buffalo blue butterfly button down with lace back, $15
     ♥   MNG black maxi skirt, $20
     ♥   Arizona black skinny jeans (juniors), $20 
     ♥   a.n.a. black skinny capris, $17
     ♥   Bioworld map pocket tee, $10
     ♥   Vintage Passports by Pier One Imports button down, $0 

I love everything I bought and I can't wait to wear them all at school! 

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