Sunday, August 10, 2014

Product of the Day

Technician Color Care Shampoo & Conditioner

Over the years, I have built of so many shampoo and conditioner samples. I just find the little sachets really inconvenient, slippery in the shower, and only last me one use on my full head of hair. But this Fekkai shampoo and conditioner set came in adorable little bottles, lasted me three showers, and made my hair silky smooth each time.
When I used to get samples of color specific hair products, I would just throw them out or give them away to friends. I never used to dye my hair, as I loved my color and didn't see a need to do anything to my natural highlights. I got an ombre about a year ago, but I went to using the Ion purple shampoo to dull the brassy tones, on recommendation from both Zoe and Anna, as opposed to purchasing a full color care line.

The latest installment of Bri's Ombre went the lightest it's ever been (a nice creamy blond in places), and I thought it time to try those samples that had been sitting around my bathroom cupboard in addition to a showerly dose of purple. Fekkai recently went through a formula change with his Technician line, and I liked the sound of it, so I pulled his out first. 

I used the sample of the galanga root shampoo / conditioner combo a while ago and wasn't wowed--it left my hair cleaned but tangled and hard to brush out. With his grapeseed oil, though, my hair was left soft and silky. I love me some oil formula shampoos. At the end of the shower, my brush went right though it and I could already see an improvement in texture as well as color. I

The only thing I had to object to was the smell, which I can get over. I'm weird about smells, so I've learned to get over it and go with the amazing results given. I don't know that I'll buy full sizes, but I enjoyed using these samples for the time they lasted!

♥   Rating: 8.5/10   

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