Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Clothing Haul

I went to H&M with my friend the other day, since I had been in a couple days previously and knew they had their super sale going on. Plus, my local mall just remodeled their store, so the whole H&M is the size of two stores. The women's side takes up what the whole store was before! It's all white and shiny and beautiful, and that made us want to buy everything. Dangerous.

My main mission upon going there was, in fact, to return a shirt that I didn't like. The shirt was $24.95. When I made the exchange with all of the other stuff, it only cost me a dollar fifty more than the shirt had originally cost--and I had a huge bagful of stuff!

Unfortunately, most of this stuff was on sale, so there are no online links. But make sure to stop into a local H&M to see what they have on sale!

     ♥   Eye stick in beige, $5 [x]
     ♥   Long sleeve cream tshirt, $3.50
     ♥   White lace push up bra, $3.50
     ♥   Black quilted cropped sweatshirt, $5
     ♥   Black leather hair bow, $5 [x]
     ♥   Black stick-on nails in matte cross pattern, $1.50
     ♥   Clear cosmetics bag, $4 [x]

This is why I love sales. I got all of that stuff for around $26. That's insane! I love the leather hair bow because it has a big clip rather than an alligator clip, which is a necessity with my hair. There was another one in pink that I will be going back to purchase--that's how much I love it! And getting a great, comfortable, and adorable bra for $3.50? I'll take it!

I have a show coming up, and I think I'm going to try the nails for that. They're pretty long, which kind of scares me, but I'm not too worried. I'll get used to them. They're that gorgeous. The eye stick isn't as great as I thought it would be, but it still works really well. It's not super creamy, which makes me sad, but the color is super shimmery neutral, which I love. And I'm not even going to try describing how much love I have for the sweater. The fact that it was only $5 is just a bonus. I would have bought it anyway! 

At the end of the day, I love H&M, and I love a good sale. I got a whole bag of beautiful things for the same price as the shirt I returned, and that makes me even happier than usual. I beat the sale! Hooray!

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