Wednesday, June 3, 2015


My campus in the springtime

Sometimes, I hate school. Sometimes, I'm overwhelmed with schoolwork, band rehearsals, or the sheer amount of stairs I have to take to get anywhere. Sometimes, it's cold, rainy, dreary, or windy. 

But sometimes--the majority of the time--I absolutely love calling this beautiful place my home. 

Perhaps my favorite part about campus is the abundance of crab apple trees. There are probably fifty different trees spread throughout the properties, mostly white with a few clusters of deep pink. My favorite is the tall one outside of Westerlin (above), though all of them are gorgeous. I will never forget the day I didn't have class, when the Anthropology department sponsored a lunch of hummus, pita, falafel, and spanakopita. I took a cupful of hummus and pita and headed for the grouping of crab apples in the lower quad, sat in the grass, and ate away in my canopy of flowers whilst listening to the birds sing and the bees buzz. It was truly magical. 

Thanks to the often good spring weather, many teachers let classes go outside. We sit in the sun or the shade with great views and an abundance of flowers surrounding us, all while learning about whatever subject we're immersed in. 

These are the times when I'm sure I've chosen the right school. I get to experience my college years surrounded by the beauty of spring flowers, trees, and cool, sunny weather. What could be better than that?

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