Saturday, August 2, 2014

Shoes Haul

(& a special guest from ASOS)

About five years back, my family got wind of a giant shoe warehouse just a few miles from our hotel in Asheville, North Carolina. We found the Discount Shoe Warehouse, and a tradition was born. Every year, we have to stop by the store to find all of our special shoes for the upcoming year. I might have gotten a fair few this time around... Oh well.

I first found these awesome Calvin Klein flatforms in the Buy One Get One section. I had seen them there last year, but they were expensive and a little out of my style range back then, so I let them be. But my intrigue got the best of me when the price tag said $20 and the style fit with what I was wearing. I don't know how they'll go over at school, but I can certainly wear them around home. Plus, my mom got the other pair of shoes in the BOGO deal, so these were technically free. I'm so pleased!  

I next went through the many aisles of athletic shoes intent on finding something I can run in. Though I already own a great pair of Nikes, I wanted a lighter pair that would feel like a continuation of my foot and would also look great. I think I found it in this pair of 2013 Flex Run shoes in a beautiful bright pink color. Ultimately, I picked this one because Nikes fit my feet the best and the feel was something completely different than I already owned. I've been using these for a week and I'm so happy with the look and feel.

Finally, I stumbled upon the one thing I really needed in the entire store: Emu boots for winter at school. My campus is beautiful, wonderful, etc., but it does get pretty darn snowy in the winters. I last purchased Emu boots the first time we went to the Shoe Warehouse five years ago, and since then, they have been heavily loved. Plus, snow was so deep at school that my ankle booties were collecting water once I would go inside--not a good thing.

Then, whilst heading up to the front, I found these on final sale sitting at the bottom of a shelf. Higher boots! With cute buttons! And in my size! Praise the shoe gods for sending me these perfect pair of beautiful boots that will help my feet stay warm and dry during the extensive Quad City winters. Hooray!!!

Before I left for North Carolina, I also ordered this amazing pair of Chelsea boots. I had been looking for a pair of these style shoes ever since I heard the lovely Gabby mention her love for them in her video. I knew I would wear a black pair in any season, so I hit the net to find a great pair at a decent price. And failed. The Topshop ones that Gabby mentions are $90 in the US, and any other designer brands are that or more. Somehow, I stumbled upon a clearance section of ASOS, where I found these beautiful boots on super-sale. Plus, I'm a member of UniDays, so I get an additional 10% off. Win-win or what?

I'm absolutely in love with these comfortable, stylish boots. My friends will continue to make fun of me for looking too British for the United States, but I will wear these so much. I can't wait to wear them with tights and dresses in fall!

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