Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Product of the Day

Hydrating Makeup Removing Towelettes

Before everyone yells at me and tells me wipes don't work, just wait a minute. I love to use the regular Neutrogena removing towelettes as the first step in my nighttime cleansing routine. After getting my (truly excessive) eye makeup and mascara off with a wipe and then swiping my face once, I go in and use my cleanser, toner, and moisturizer. 

Like I said, I've been using the original Neutrogena towelettes for years, and when my grandma accidentally bought me the hydrating version, I thought it would be the same as the originals, but moisturizing. I wasn't correct, but I wasn't exactly impressed, either.

I think part of the problem with my relative disappointment with this variety of wipe is that I'm so used to and satisfied by the original blend. Why go messing with a good thing? They even added a scent, which I find almost bad--I want my remover to smell like it's doing something, not just wiping freshness all over my face. For someone who uses these alone to remove makeup, that might be a plus. But for me, not so much.

Even though these aren't horrible (I've been using them every other night to use up the package), they don't have the cleansing power of the originals. Plus, I find them to have less liquid than the original formula, which makes removing my heavy eye makeup harder and adds mild irritation on my sensitive skin. They get the job done, but barely. 

Honestly, I was more disappointed than anything. I really wanted these to work like the others and give me an extra boost of hydration. I do think they help codition and smooth skin, as the package says, but not enough that I would repurchase these instead of the originals. For me, those are the way to go.

♥   Rating: 5/10   

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