Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Accessory Haul

Nothing works more than a necklace or a bag to complete a look. I've had trouble embracing jewelry in the past, since I love when shirts or pieces themselves are embellished, but I've recently been trying to get into the statement necklace vibe. Hopefully I'm succeeding? As far as bags go, though, I've never had one quite as special as this one...

This amazing set came from one of my favorite antique stores, Narnia Studios. Even at first glance, I knew I wanted this beautiful vintage Sarah Coventry number because it sparkled from every direction and it reminded me of branches woven together to make a necklace. I love to wear this necklace under or over collared shirts to accentuate the line and add some interest to shirts that would otherwise be pretty boring. I've already been complimented on it!

As for the matching clip on earrings... it might take some effort to plan an outfit with those included, but I'm going to try my best. They're beautiful, and they're worth it.

Another great piece, this came from a small shop owned by the nicest lady who comes to the horse show every year. She not only does amazing make your own jewelry, but also has funky pre-made pieces and unique clothing. I had seen multiple coin necklaces or just multi-strand necklaces on Boohoo, Miss Selfridge, and Urban Outfitters, and I heard Zoe talk about being obsessed with coin jewelry. So when I walked up to the booth and saw loads of vintage coins, I knew I had to make one. 

The kicker is this whole thing only cost me $10. That's insane! I could never get something of this quality, in exactly the style I wanted, for that amount. When I see this store again in August, I might have to buy myself another one of these--I've been wearing it that much, and I love it.  

Lastly in jewelry, I bought this beautiful opal necklace from Francesca's on a two for one. It's vintage inspired, so it's not legitimately old, but it's still stunning. It's not quite my usual style, but I'm exited to give it a try!

And now for the splurge purchase. I was in the greatest Target ever (the one in Asheville) when I spotted a bit of fox pattern peeking out from amidst the purses. Me, loving foxes more than life, had a miniature heart attack that another girl sympathized with while she reached for the same thing as me. I dug for it and found this adorable drawstring backpack. My friend Gabby got one of these for Japan and she loved it, so I'm thinking that I can use this one as an alternative to a full sized backpack at school.

On days when I don't have three classes or I only need to make a run to rehearsal, I can use this one to give my poor back a rest. I always carry a purse, anyway, so having this will be good for when I need to combine the things normally in my purse with one or two textbooks or my laptop. Basically, it's a purse and a half or a half backpack. But I'm not worried--it'll work wonders simply because it has foxes on. 

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