Wednesday, August 6, 2014


When I went to Warped Tour, I thought I would budget for one shirt and maybe a CD. I ended up leaving with three shirts, a CD, and a poster.


So worth it, though. We walked around the giant merch tent about four times, trying to decide which bands had the best shirts and which ones were worth the money. Mayday Parade had some pretty rad stuff, but I don't really die hard for them. We the Kings also had good stuff, but the prices were more.

Finally, I decided on this awesome The Summer Set shirt. It looks ridiculously like one from The 1975 that I already own, but I don't even care. It's awesome and I'll wear it a lot with shorts in the summer and cardigans in the fall. I like to get band shirts oversized so that I can roll up the sleeves and tuck them in with skinny jeans or skirts, so this one is a large. It's perfect.

After figuring out there were so many more tents on the outside of the hanger, I caved in and bought a beautiful floral Bayside tank top. I really enjoy Bayside's sound, and the bird on the top just sold the whole thing for me. Floral band shirts should be hidden in my presence, because I will buy them all. (Ex: Vampire Weekend Modern Vampires tour shirt, New Politics Monumentour tank top, etc.) Sadly, we didn't stay to see Bayside, because by 6:30 we were tired and hungry and ready to leave, but I still supported their Warped Tour mission.

By the end of the day, I had visited The Maine's tent three times. Once to look over the stuff and deny that I needed any more stuff, next to purchase this tank top, and lastly to buy the deluxe version of Forever Halloween for $5. I couldn't not get the whole thing for that much, especially because I'm missing the most songs from that album. And I got the cute little extra package with the bonus songs that I'm now using as desk decoration.

That's it for clothes. But possibly the best thing that I got all day was this signed poster from Anberlin. I was so excited to meet the band, and getting this poster just made the whole day worth it. They have been such an inspiration to me, so getting their signatures was incredible. (Also, this picture just makes all of them look super good and I love looking at it.)

I'm so happy with all of my purchases, even if I did go a little nuts. But my theory is that one can never have too much band merch. I'm going to make it my mission to wear all of it at school, no matter how much it contradicts my usual style.

It's worth it.

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