Sunday, July 27, 2014

Product of the Day

Deep Repair Masque

And now for a shining review of the Macadamia hair masque! I love this particular masque because it makes my hair light and shiny without being heavy, which other masques have done in the past. Plus, this one smells nice! 

A few years ago, I wanted to try a deep conditioning product, so I picked up some L'Occitane En Provence Aromachologie Repair Mask in the San Juan airport. I loved it so much for the first whole pot that I bought a second one at the Oakbrook Mall store last Christmas. But for the past couple uses (aka the times I've used from the new pot), the L'Occitane stopped working its magic. I felt the weight of the mask for days, almost like it wouldn't wash out until two or three showers later.

That's no good! 

Enter the Macadamia mask, which I had actually used in trial size even before the L'Occitane. I love the way it works on my hair, leaving it fresh smelling and feeling. It also washes completely out of my hair—another thing I can’t say about the new pot of L’Occitane. Basically, this mask does everything the L'Occitane used to do, but also comes in a variety of sizes for all of my (or your) hair mask needs. It's a winner in every sense. 

♥   Rating: 10/10  

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