Saturday, July 19, 2014

Product of the Day

Secret Garden Bath Bomb

Since I don't have a proper tub, I have never actually used a bath bomb in the way it was intended. When I walked into my local Lush store, I knew I had to find some way to make an exception. I decided that I would get out my little inflatable foot tub, fill it with hot water, and drop in a Secret Garden bomb. 

Excited to see how a bath bomb was truly supposed to work, I was awed seeing the fizz come out and turn the water a dark blue / green color. It made the water smell amazing, too, which is good to know for when I have an actual bath that I can sit in and relax. 

The rose petals in the center that the saleslady promised were less spectacular than I had hoped, but they were still great to see floating around the tub. All in all, though, I was so pleased with my first bath bomb experience. The floral smell and colored water were awesome, and I can't wait to have an actual tub so that I can buy enough bombs to make up for all this lost time. 

Yay Lush! 

♥   Rating: 9/10   

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