Tuesday, July 15, 2014


- Fourth of July and other adventures -

I've been doing a lot of fun stuff this summer, and I've been trying to document as much of it as possible through photographs. Since I got my snazzy new camera, I feel like I should be taking many more pictures than I actually do. So far, this is what's happened.

Tom Sawyer & Huckleberry Finn statue in downtown Branson

I took a trip to Branson, Missouri for a family vacation in the camper. I saw Mark Twain's house, visited Mark Twain cave, and climbed the hill to the lighthouse. Oh, and we saw lots of graves. Lots. It was awesome. 

I picked some peonies before we left.
Street lamps in Neenah
A downtown statue of Thomas Jefferson. 
Main Street view.
Statue of Liberty, Neenah style. 
Historic downtown Neenah, filled with great shops and restaurants.
Our barn had a great show!

Earlier this month, I found myself in Neenah, Wisconsin for a horse show. Our hotel was right across from the marina, so we took multiple walks outside to enjoy the view. And Main Street was filled with statues, bakeries, and cute little shops. My favorite? Vintique!

My prized flower basket, blooming beautifully.
Our gnome, Odin, who is the size of a small child.

Our garden is doing quite nicely this summer, since we had a week straight of rain and gloom rather than sunshine and drought. I love to go outside and sit on sunny mornings to eat tea and biscuits or on warm nights to watch the sun set around the plants. And with Odin the Gnome, it almost becomes magical. 

The best part about summer remains fire pits and fireworks. I'm still working out my camera settings for nighttime, but I'm better than I was last year. Hopefully by next year, I'll know enough about which settings to use to get some great pictures of one of my favorite things: huge, beautiful, sparkling fireworks. 

Though summer's not my favorite season, I love sitting outside and soaking up all of the rare sunshine. By the time fall hits, the sun will go under for good, so I like to take advantage of the weather while I can. What better way to remember those relaxing days than to take pictures? 

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