Friday, August 1, 2014

Makeup Review

Let me be the first to say that I'm behind the ball on this trend. I purchased a Pixi Tinted Brilliance balm a few years ago, but I hated the taste and didn't wear it much. Then I bought a Revlon Colorburst balm stain about a year ago, but I lost it until recently.

I wasn't really doing well with these until a month ago, when I decided to give these apparently magical crayons a second chance.

The other thing about these crayons? They seem expensive for something so simple. I'm not a huge fan of paying $8 and up for a balm that tints my lips the same as a shiny lipstick. But after purchasing a Wet n' Wild one (for $3) and a NYC Color one (for $4) just to see what they could do, I was blown away with the results.

Wet n' Wild's Red-dy or Not (125) has graced my lips more than I would have every expected for a $3 product, which pleasantly surprises me. It goes on sheerer than a lipstick, so it looks subtler and extremely pretty. The NYC Color one also works really well, but I bought a pink that doesn't flatter my skin tone. Good job, me. It also has a lot more shimmer and doesn't have as much of the 'butter' effect as the Wet n' Wild one. Both of them have been a part of my makeup routine, though. I'm so happy with these.

So it's not a surprise that a few days later, whilst perusing Ulta, I found some Nyx crayons on clearance and had to have them. I picked one up in a dark brown shade and a bright orange shade, both of which I saw as very wearable. Excited to get them home and out of the packaging, I was not dissappointed by these, either. They are a little more translucent than the others (the orange barely shows up on my lips--not what I was expecting, but not bad by any stretch), but that almost makes them even better for everyday use. Color without extreme commitment. I like it.

Here is the list of all of the crayons that I unearthed and now use almost every day as a finishing touch to my makeup look:
     ♥   Revlon Colorburst balm stain in Honey
     ♥   Pixi Tinted Brilliance balm in Orchid Petal
     ♥   Wet n' Wild Megaslicks balm stain in 125 Red-dy or Not
     ♥   NYC Color Intense Lip Color crayon in 021 Parsons Pink
     ♥   Nyx Chunky Dunk lippie in Caramel Martini
     ♥   Nyx Chunky Dunk lippie in Orange Splash

I was so pleased with the Wet n' Wild one that I know I already repurchased it in the shade Rico Mauve, and will probably buy Lady and the Vamp as soon as I can find it. 

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