Sunday, July 20, 2014

Diary of a World Traveler

A cornfield in Kentucky

As I write this, I'm speeding down an Indiana highway at 70 miles per hour, patiently awaiting our arrival in Kentucky and an egg and cheese wrap from the Waffle House. Our annual trek to Asheville, North Carolina has begun, but we have to make our way through four other beautiful states before we land at our final destination.

Nothing is better than a road trip. Even if I complain about the hassles, unhealthiness, and inconvenience of driving places, there's no beating listening to my summer playlist on shuffle as I watch hundreds of miles of gorgeous midwestern scenery fly by my window.

Today, we made a stop at Arby's for lunch, passed by exit 50B in Indiana since Russell Stover's would be closed, and drove straight through to Lexington, Kentucky for some of the best Waffle House in the country. (Seriously. This one is the best we've been to. There's no explaining it.)

Once, at the Kentucky State Fair, I heard a woman call the area around Louisville Kentuckiana, since the two states are separated by only a river and the populations interact a lot. But the connection involves more than just the people; these two states have share some of the prettiest scenery, seamlessly blended into one giant highway that takes people to wherever they want to go.

The land of John Green: Indianapolis, Indiana

Tomorrow, we will arrive in North Carolina, but today, we got to see brightly sunlit cornfields, perfectly cloud filled skies, and blacktop roads stretching endlessly in front of us. The cities of Chicago, Indianapolis, and Louisville behind us, we can now venture onward into the magical land that is the southern United States.

I can't wait.

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