Sunday, March 20, 2016

Diary of a World Traveler

Killarney Day 1: "I don't recommend going to Burger King, but...they have wifi."

Though today started out rough, because there is still no wifi, we eventually found it and even ended up having a pretty good day. Ice cream, endless tea, and a lot of exploring in the sunshine almost made up for no internet in the hotel. Almost. Killarney is a lot better than I thought it would be, though, and I am really happy about that.

Since there was no internet to do homework last night, we read until we fell asleep and then got up around 7AM to go get an early breakfast. I had my first cup of tea of the day, which would only continue to grow as the day went on. In desperate search of internet, we wandered into town—which is larger than I thought it would be, even though it is just as far as I assumed. The little buildings line the winding streets, all brightly colored. Many of the shops are touristy, since in the high season, this town is full to the brim with people wanting to experience “Western Ireland” without actually abandoning civilization.

Even so, there are some winners amongst the rest. We landed in one of these for wifi. It is a coffee shop and café called Underground, a cute little space that is, indeed, underground—we walked down a ramp to enter the main part of the shop, but windows still lined the upper walls. It was a lovely little spot that we will definitely be back to. For today, we got some sandwiches, as it was around 11:30, and they were great. I got a veggie wrap with a little mayonnaise, as well as a pot of regular tea. That held about three cups of tea, so that makes the total four for one day. We stayed in the café through lunchtime, ordered another pot of tea and an apple tart (which was delicious) and then finally got up when our assignments were done and a nice older couple wanted to have a table in the full restaurant. They thanked us profusely, and we were finished and ready to explore anyway.

We walked further into town to do some more scouting. Our professor prepared a scavenger hunt, so we needed to prepare and find things so that when he actually is able to post it, we are ready. We visited Murphy’s Ice Cream, a local landmark and also a favorite of our professor. It was every bit as magical as promised—we got free samples of every flavor, even if we didn’t ask for them. Then, we paid our money and received two of the most glorious scoops of handmade ice cream I have ever eaten. Sorry Whitey’s, this puts you to shame. We also stopped into a wool store, where I looked at hats for someone I know who likes to wear hats. We found some that looked really nice, so I might go back and get one eventually.

After scouting around town for a little while longer, we started our fifteen-minute trek back to the hotel. At dinner, we found out that our trip to Ross Castle would be moved up to tomorrow morning, so we are so excited to be visiting it early! We had planned on hiking tomorrow anyway, so it’s shaping up to be a great day. Can’t wait! The day might have started out cloudy and sad, but by the time we left the café, it was sunny, warm, and happy. A wild ride, but great in the end.


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