Friday, March 25, 2016

Diary of a World Traveler

Killarney Day 5: "That's the wrong baby..."

Today has basically been a chill day for us here. Besides the morning, we have been in the hotel room preparing homework and assignments for the next week. It got quite windy as the day went on, so it was good that we chose to take the bikes out earlier than later. The rain is going to begin tomorrow, so I was happy to go out and get some more awesome pictures before the week of bad weather!

Our bikes were due at noon, so we decided to go out around 10AM and ride back toward Muckross Abbey. Diana had found a cave yesterday, though, and she wanted to take me to that first. It was in a great little alcove of lake, the water just high enough to skim the low rocks where we sat for a short while. There was a little ledge that protected us from the strengthening wind, which was much appreciated. The sun shone down and the lake sparkled as its surface danced in the breeze. It was a welcome picturesque moment to calm down after our bike ride.

After that quick detour, we biked the short distance back up to the abbey. We stopped a few times on the way there, just to investigate fallen trees, dirt paths, and cliff faces. The sun made everything look great for a photo, so these stops were always a great adventure. Once we arrived, I just wandered around like I did yesterday and got some photos in the midmorning sunshine. We were basically alone on the grounds, which was equally creepy and awesome. After our exploration ended, we sat on some rocks, had a snack, and said goodbye to the abbey for good before riding all the way back to the Rent-a-Bike shop. Our bikes safely deposited, we walked back to the hotel and took a much-needed rest after two days of some great activity. Short and sweet day, but we enjoyed the last of the sunshine. Even though it will rain for the next few days, I can’t wait to continue our explorations of Killarney National Park! It is truly a breathtaking place. We’re set to climb Torc mountain on Monday, so be sure to check back then for some photos at altitude!

photo credit Diana Cleveland

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