Saturday, August 16, 2014

Product of the Day

Butter Gloss in Creme Brulee

After binge watching all of Claire's videos and hearing her rave about this lip gloss, I knew I had to try it. Though I'd heard others like Tanya talk about the Butter Gloss range before, this was the push I needed to get me to try it in this particular neutral color. They're comparable to the price of my favorite Rimmel Stay Glossy glosses, but it's a totally different (yet in a great way) gloss experience.

First of all, I love the scent / taste of this. It's a subtle vanilla that's just enough to add something pleasant rather than too much that adds something horrible. And the color of this... beautiful. It's a tad lighter than my particular blend of instrument abused pink, but it still looks natural. It adds a touch of sheen without being too much, as the Rimmel ones can sometimes do.

All in all, I don't know where to rank this in the Lipgloss Lineup. It certainly ranks above all of my lip crayons for wearability, but I don't know that it quite tops the entire list. Rimmel still makes a darn good gloss, even if the occasions to wear them are different than the everyday chic of Creme Brulee. This one doesn't slip and slide as much as the Rimmel ones, but it's not too sticky, either. I'm just awed by the formula and how well it stays. 

I'll give my two favorite glosses a tie, simple because they have different times to shine (hah, what a pun). Rimmel works beautifully to draw a little more attention to the lips, where as the Nyx adds something more to a natural lip look. Since I've purchased this, I'm constantly torn between the two glosses, and writing this post has been no different. Even so, I give this new gloss an incredibly enthusiastic thumbs up!

♥   Rating: 10/10   

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