Monday, July 14, 2014


The art of driving horses requires more than just talent--it requires a fail safe wardrobe, as well. This is good for me, since it means I get to go shopping for statement pieces that can double in my everyday attire. Recently, I've been shopping for a lot of big necklaces and earrings that will stand out in not only the ring, but everywhere else. 

I scoured the malls looking for the perfect pieces, and I think I found a lot of good stuff that can double at school or out to dinner (or both). I also picked up a rose gold bracelet on clearance at Kohl's that I've been wearing almost every day as a simple addition to any outfit.

H&M wing necklace, $7
Erica Lyons earrings, $12                                       Apt. 9 earrings, $10
Jennifer Lopez rose gold bracelet, $5 (on clearance)

Francesca's gray bib necklace, $28
Charming Charlie Patina and Filigree earrings, $8 and $6
Forever 21 earrings and cuff, $8
Relativity chain necklace, $18

Unfortunately, a lot of these aren't on the websites. Most are recent purchases, though, so some of them might still be in store! The wing necklace is my absolute favorite out of everything I bought, and it's not even on! Go forth and find those pieces that make your heart sing like that necklace made mine sing. 

I'm planning on wearing these in the ring and all around during the summer. I can't wait to get them all out there and shown off! I've worn the chain necklace with a crew neck white chiffon blouse, and I got loads of compliments. Hopefully the rest will be just as well received. 

I also got a lot of clothing while buying these, so I might have a clothing haul coming up. Keep a look out for that! I really enjoy shopping and trying new things, so hauls are a lot of fun for me to watch and make myself. I hope you enjoy!

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