Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Book Club | Awaken

Awaken by Meg Cabot

Meg Cabot has always been a favorite of mine, and her new series had a particular hold on me--it's the final installment in a re-imagining of the myth of Persephone. Though I've started to grow out of the young adult section, I decided to give this one a try. Though I prefer the original Greek myth over this story, the Abandon trilogy is a must read for any teen who loves history.

Obviously, this book isn't set in Greek times. That would have made it pretty cool for a history nut like me. Unfortunately, a historical fiction version of Persephone's story wasn't really what Meg had in mind, but that's okay. Her story is almost as good.

The first two books involve Pierce Oliviera falling in love with the lord of the Underworld, a handsome monster of a man named John Hayden. In the myth, he would be Hades and Pierce would be Persephone. The book does acknowledge the original myth, however John is not literally Hades. This caused me some major confusion, especially in the middle of this book when the Greek god Thanatos possesses one of the characters. Does Hades still exist inside John, just as Thanatos is able to possess someone? I have no idea.

But logistics aside, this is a great book. I loved all of the minor characters, the premise, and even the ending. Although I have read better Cabot endings, this one was written well and had a great message. Even though the plot was a little too young adult for my personal taste (at my cultured age of eighteen, you know), it's still a well written book with a great plotline. No one beats Meg Cabot's prose.

No one.

Lovers of history, mythology, or Meg Cabot's personal blend of witty humor will love this book. Check out her website for more great works, including The Princess Diaries series and my personal favorite, the Mediator series. And for those that, like myself, desire a bit more maturity in literature? She writes adult books, too.

Hooray for Queen Meg!

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